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Concord, NC Workers’ Compensation Healthcare Services

Doctors Plus Urgent Care is an established urgent clinic in Concord, NC providing occupational medicine services and specialized care for work-related injuries. Our skilled medical team supports the workers’ compensation process, ensuring efficient care and recovery for employees. Founded more than a decade ago, our clinic has the knowledge and experience to fast-track treatment and support a prompt return to work. Contact our occupational health specialists today for dedicated assistance with the workers’ comp process.

Workers’ comp in Concord, NC.

Our Workers’ Compensation Services in Concord

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that compensates employees who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. At Doctors Plus Urgent Care, we work with both employers and employees to provide expert treatment for a range of occupational medical-related issues.

Slip and Fall Accidents

Slip and fall incidents frequently lead to sprains, fractures and other minor injuries that don’t require an emergency room visit. Our medical professionals deliver immediate care to minimize the health impact of these common accidents.

Equipment-Related Injuries

Cuts, sprains and abrasions are common injuries resulting from hand tools, office equipment and malfunctioning machinery. We quickly assess and treat these injuries, offering sound recommendations for follow-up care.

Workplace Strains

Repetitive tasks and prolonged periods in one position may lead to strains, carpal tunnel syndrome and other uncomfortable symptoms. If the pain is too severe to wait for a primary care appointment, we provide an accessible option for immediate treatment.

Why Choose Us for Workers’ Comp Injuries

Our clinic is staffed by occupational health specialists with extensive experience managing work-related injuries. Their expertise ensures the highest quality of care and efficient handling of workers’ compensation claims.

We work with companies in Concord and the surrounding areas to provide a single community-focused occupational medicine clinic for your employees who are experiencing non-emergency injuries. From full-service medical treatment to comprehensive post-accident drug screening, we ensure individuals and businesses have easy access to an exceptional healthcare service.

Common Questions About Workers’ Compensation

The most common workers’ compensation injuries include sprains and strains from lifting or repetitive motion, cuts or lacerations from tools or machinery, along with falls or slips on wet surfaces.

After a work-related injury, report the incident to the employer and seek medical attention. Following the established guidelines of your workplace will ensure that you are eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

The best ways to prevent workplace injuries are to provide safety equipment and training, and to regularly assess the condition of potentially dangerous tools and machinery. Using signage for slippery areas and trip hazards is also important.

Visit Us in Concord for Workers’ Compensation Medical Treatment

Doctors Plus Urgent Care is a leading occupational medicine clinic that works with businesses and employees in Concord and beyond. For assistance with workers’ compensation injury treatment, employment screening and drug testing, contact our team today. Call (704) 440-4689 or schedule an appointment now.

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At Doctors Plus Urgent Care, from the moment you pass through our doors you’ll be treated like family. We are the best at what we do, and bring you the best in urgent medical care.

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