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Doctors Plus Urgent Care is the premier provider of occupational medicine in Concord, NC. Staffed by a team of skilled, experienced medical professionals, we work with businesses and employees that are committed to workplace health and safety. Whether you need a pre-employment drug screening or a DOT physical exam, our team will ensure you get the information you need for safety and compliance purposes. Visit our Concord urgent care and experience fast, high-quality occupational health services.

Occupational medicine in Concord, NC.

Occupational Medicine for Employers in Concord

Businesses in Concord and the surrounding areas know they can trust us to meet their healthcare needs. We recognize the importance of fast, accurate health screenings and evaluations, making sure we provide exams and the required documentation in a timely manner. Using a comprehensive approach to health, occupational medicine can reduce absenteeism and increase productivity – and improve health and wellness among your employees.

Occupational Health for Employees

At Doctors Plus Urgent Care, we help employees with important assessments, examinations for licenses and treatment for minor injuries. Many businesses require health screenings before an individual can start work or perform certain tasks. In addition, at times workers will need prompt treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses. Our first-rate occupational medical care gives you access to these services through our healthcare specialists.

Our Primary Occupational Medicine Services

Here in Concord, our clinic is pleased to offer comprehensive medical services. Because we focus on personalized treatment, our occupational health services provide both preventive and responsive medical care. The following are some of our most commonly requested occupational medicine services.

Workers’ Compensation

Work-related injuries can be incredibly concerning, often causing many physical and emotional challenges. Our workers’ compensation medical services give employees easy access to care, including lab testing, X-rays, prescriptions and treatment plans. With the help of our medical specialists, a patient can make a fast recovery and reduce their time out of work.

After a slip and fall accident or an equipment malfunction injury, a worker deserves the best medical treatment available. In contrast to the often long waits at the emergency room, we’ll ensure you receive swift attention from our established medical team in Concord.

Drug Screening

In many industries a drug-free environment is critical for the best interests of a company, its staff, as well as its customers. This makes drug testing an important component of hiring and employment for many businesses today. At Doctors Plus Urgent Care, we provide fast, accurate drug screening services for Concord businesses at our urgent care clinic. Additionally, we’ll assist with pre-employment and post-accident screenings by offering comprehensive drug and alcohol testing.

DOT Physical Exams

DOT (Department of Transportation) exams are physical examinations required for professional drivers to demonstrate that they are medically capable of operating a commercial motor vehicle. These exams are vital in protecting the safety of both the driver and the public. With many years of experience performing DOT physical exams in Concord, we maintain a thorough, streamlined process. During the physical we will check hearing, vision, heart, lungs, medical history and other factors to ensure that a driver is physically fit. With our certification, the driver is then ready to submit their information to receive a DOT medical certification (DOT medical card).

Why Choose Our Concord Clinic for Occupational Medicine

Whether you’re a driver looking to renew your DOT card or a business performing pre-employment screenings, our occupational medicine clinic in Concord has everything you need.

  • An experienced team of occupational health specialists.
  • Comprehensive on-site lab testing and X-ray services.
  • An understanding of workplace health regulations.
  • Fast and accurate pre-employment and post-accident drug screenings.
  • Thorough examination processes for workers’ comp injuries.

Access our occupational medicine services in Concord for a safer, healthier workplace. With walk-in and scheduled appointments available, you’ll get the medical treatment you need with minimal downtime.

Common Questions About Occupational Medicine

The most common occupational medicine screenings include respiratory health assessments, employment physicals, vision and hearing tests, as well as screenings for drugs and alcohol. There are various testing and medical examinations available, depending on the needs of the individual or business.

An occupational assessment usually takes from 30 minutes to one hour, depending on the type of screening needed, the complexity of the examination and so on.

While ensuring compliance with the required state and federal regulations, occupational medicine helps businesses by improving workplace safety. It helps reduce the number of (and severity of) work-related injuries and illness, and these benefits often lead to a safer work environment with enhanced productivity.

Contact Us for Occupational Health Services in Concord, NC

For leading occupational medicine services in Concord, visit Doctors Plus Urgent Care today. Our dedicated medical professionals can help with pre-employment exams, post-accident screenings, work-related injuries and much more. For expert assistance, call (704) 440-4689 or schedule an appointment now.

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